Thursday, 29 May 2008


Can I share my poster here?


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, I'm vice president of U3A Online - the world first virtual UTA started in 1998 U3A Online
This conference looks extremely interesting with many participants from many countries exploring a range of exciting topics.

Our UTA is open to participants from anywhere in the world and we particularly emphasise the importance of cognitive challenge for people who are isolated (distance, caring for a loved one, illness, disability etc) and can't easily meet face-to-face with others. Our courses are all written and taught by retired people and interactions between participants takes place by forum postings and emails. Many good friendships have been formed between participants from distant places who are unlikely to ever meet in person. Unfortunately our courses are in English but there is no reason why they shouldn't be translated so non-English speakers can enjoy the mental stimulation.

Perhaps some of the conference particpants might be interested in the idea of working with us for the benefit of older people anywhere in the world.
Best wishes to all - Rick Swindell

Anna Grabowska said...

Dear Rick,

I do hope Australian - European co-operation will work. I have talked to many people in order to involve them in so called "seniors' projects" and I do hope many will respond and join our activities. Thanks for your valuable comment in EDEN blog.