Thursday, 5 June 2008

Cross Cultural Online Collaboration

I am very much looking forward to learning about the experience of other participants who are exploring online cross cultural learning environments. I am visiting Lisbon from SUNY and hope to develop a dialogue and possible educational links with other institutions who are developing multi-cultural and networked courses and who are researching best practices in this area.



Lamericaana said...

Dear Jon,

Sarah Guth here from the Uni of Padova, Italy. The title of your post caught my eye because I do intercultural learning exchanges between Italy and the USA - it's what I'm interested in and presenting on. Definitely hope to meet up in Lisbon and exchange ideas and experiences!


Jack Koumi said...

Hi Jon
I was with the BBC for 22 years, producing TV and multimedia for the UK Open University. For the final 11 years at the BBC, half my time was spent teaching educational media production on an annual three-month course attended by media designers from developing countries.
The for the last 16 years, I have visited many developing countries and run workshops and training on educational media design.
At the EDEN 2008 conference, I will be chairing session G1 on Saturday morning but I did not submit a paper myself.
I hope my conference interactions regarding intercultural issues will give me insights to help my future work in developing countries.

Jon said...

Sarah, I expect to attend your session Friday morning and I hope you can get to mine on Saturday. Since we are exploring similar territory, possibly we can collaborate?