Wednesday, 11 June 2008

EdReNe- Educational Repositories Network, 9 -11 June 2008, Lisbon, Portugal

The Workshop venue

Participants were working at the current repository issues and developments.
The subjects were as follows:
  • Repository strategies on general level
  • Engaging users
  • Standars and interoperability
  • Right issues

We started from questionnaire filling in and according to questionnaires analysis people were divided into several groups and worked at two specific subjects in order to prepare final presentation.

There were several presentations delivered:
  • pindeln (the spider) – a developing brokerage service, Christina Szekely, MSU, and Fredrik Paulsson, IML
  • Share and reuse, example of a web 2.0 repository:, Hans de Four, Belgium
  • Digital Learnng Resources - what are teachers looking for?, Wim de Boer, SLO
  • Drivers and blockers to teachers accessing, repurposing and sharing digital resources, Will Ellis, Becta

There were also introduction of new associated members:

  • Tallinn University, Centre for Educational Tecnology, Estonia, Maart Laanpere / Martin Sillaots
  • Glow - lighting up learning. Digitally linking Scotland's 800.000 educators and pupils, Andy Pendry, Learning and Teaching Scotland
  • APS it-diensten, Netherlands, Dolf Gagestein
  • Centre de technologie de l'√©ducation (CTE), Luxembourg, Daniel Weiler
  • Ontwikkelcentrum, The Netherlands, Marco Meurink

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