Saturday, 14 June 2008

Summing up

Home again I'm thinking about this year's EDEN conference. We talked about it over dinner yesterday and waiting for the plane this morning - this year there were less practical examples than last year and more room for meta perspectives and reflections. Both on elearning, web 2.0, how the student feel about being elearning students and the new roles of teachers and students.

What also struck me is the role of the library. I'm thinking about the library more than I ever did before. The library used to be a place in the outskirts, somewhere I went for information, now (and maybe also before but I didn't see it then), the people working at the libraries are actively taking a role in facilitating learning. There was this excellent presentation by Non Santlebury from the Open University of UK. It got me thinking of how we should include the library and other "support" units besides regular teaching when planning the learning spaces and the learning paths. I predict that the next phase in the elearning development will be the phase of the libraries. And if next year will be at learing and workplace, maybe EDEN 2010 should be about libraries and other not central (but not peripheral neither) learning places and facilities.

See you hopefully next year!

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