Thursday, 12 June 2008

Session A4. 1130-1300 Thu 12 June. Workshop: A new Methodology for Learning Design, Grainne Conole

Focus shift from Content to Activity.

Design, Support, Student Experience

CompendiumLD = software for representing learning design
(also a list of different sources and methods of representing learning designs)

CLoudworks = find and share designs

Interviews by the project receive ideas for design, but the people don’t seem to be using the ideas.

Design is in one’s head; there is far more in the head than can be communicated by any single representation.

There are many resources (online) re learning design: learning objects, sites that focus on design, e.g. JISC, EDUCAUSE (7 things you need to know)

The URL for the slides can be obtained from Grainne Conole

Grainne finished early, leaving plenty of time for questions.

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